Jake Bugg discusses his second album: “I’m in need of more up-tempo songs”

Nottingham singer-songwriter Jake Bugg has been discussing details about his upcoming second album.

The 19-year-old guitar troubadour revealed that fans can expect some upbeat material from his forthcoming LP.

Bugg told the Daily Star: “I’m in need of more up-tempo songs with fast-sounding lyrics at the moment, but there’ll be some mid-tempo, vibey tracks on the next album and some of my acoustic stuff will stay too.”

The ‘Lightning Bolt’ singer explained that he wants his new material to be a truthful reflection of his life now that he is chart topping musician.

Jake stated: “I want to give an insight to the same people who liked the first record about what my life is like now. That’s not really a change from my first album, because all I’m doing is writing about my life.”

He continued: “I’d never left Nottingham when I wrote those first songs, but I’ve travelled the world and hopefully people can relate to what I’ve gone through. Whether people still like it is up to them, but it’d be dishonest if I tried to write about life on a council estate again. All I can do is stick to describing what my life is like, same as before, and do it honestly.”

Jake Bugg’s self-titled debut studio album topped the UK chart in October 2012 and has been certified platinum by the BPI.