Jimi Raine LIVE @ Dublin Castle, Camden 26.06.14

Armed with strong riffs and a featured saxophone, could Jimi Raine be rock 'n' roll's savior?

Here’s a man who knows where his future lies. Here’s a man who can breathe new life into the world of music and here’s a man who will do exactly that. Ladies and gentleman I give you, Jimi Raine.

It was the first visit of mine to the legendary Dublin Castle in Camden last night (June 26), a place which has previously laid host to such great acts, including Blur and Madness. It’s only a petite venue, draped in a rich mod/skinhead feel, which rolls back the years and still maintains the vintage British feel that put the Great into Great Britain.

But last night was Jimi’s night and boy did he make his mark. With only a small catalogue of tunes, Jimi perfected each one to a tee with an array of well crafted riffs that compelled some in sync foot tapping.

His confidence swamped the stage and left everyone in awe as he played big brazen guitar tunes with a raw rock ‘n’ roll feel and splashes of  Americana folk rock rhythms. It was a high intensity, throbbing performance with the special edge of a saxophonist thrown in, emphasised in ‘Rock ‘n’ Roll Band’.

It was a unique addition but something that really shows off Jimi’s knowledge about the history of rock ‘n’ roll music.

With the release of his debut single  ‘Rock ‘n’ Roll Band’ just around the corner (July 7) followed by a couple of other singles and an album later this year,  Jimi is definitely ready to ride a big wave.

Sam Lightle

@Sam Lightle