Jimi Raine LIVE @ Surya, London 01.08.2014


“Jimi Raine is on a mission, carrying the banner for classic British rock ‘n’ roll.” It’s a fucking cool tagline to have, and man is he living up to it. True to his word, Jimi took to the stage at the Surya in London last night (August 1) and left his unique mark, which is only going to get bigger. This is the second time I’ve seen Jimi and it’s clear that the building blocks are firmly in place, having released his debut single ‘Rock n Roll’ last month. The wheels are beginning to turn in what has the potential to be a very bright future for this Reading lad.

After some excellent support from Strip N Roll and Polar Beach, Jimi took to the stage just shy of 10pm and played an exhilarating set which showed off the true essence of rock n roll in its purest form. Now, I go to a lot of gigs and meet a load of great people but there’s something striking about Jimi that’s completely different. He carries himself in a professional manner with his eyes fixed solely on one goal; being the saviour of rock n roll music. But with a clear message that if he’s to do it, it’ll be done in his way; the Rock n Roll way.

With a healthy crowd in attendance, Jimi’s electrifying stage presence helps you to appreciate his explosive vocal ability. But above all else there’s an emotional side to his work as his lyrics catch you in an instance, especially in ‘Stranger’. Jimi’s set included a mixture of tracks that harboured deep lying bass lines, cleverly crafted riffs and some Americana thrown in for safe measures, while he raised the roof when he performed an exquisite cover of The Clash’s ‘I Fought The Law’.

This is just the start of something mega, so ladies and gentleman I give you Jimi Raine the saviour of rock n roll…

Check out our interview with Jimi at Camden’s Dublin Castle in June, here.

Sam Lightle