Jungle prepare to begin work on album number two

They’ve emerged from their Lemonade Lake and have confirmed they’re already ready to work on their second album… After building a studio of course.  The mighty Jungle are gearing up for their return (even though they’ve never actually left…)

Speaking to BBC Newsbeat, Tom McFarland from the band said: “we are just in the middle of building a studio so we can sit down in our own space once more and get to work on the second record.”

When asked about how their sound and outlook on music has changed since the release of their seminal self-titled, debut album, McFarland stated: “I think we have a more defined idea of who we are as people”.  He continued: “Obviously your emotions mature and I think the only thing we want to do is make a better album than the last time”.

With a heavy burden of following the fantastic Jungle, will the band live up to expectations?  We can only wait and see.

Ella Scott

Ella Scott

Ella Scott

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