Keiran Bowe

Gateshead high rising singer-songwriter Keiran Bowe releases the epic ‘Hinny’

At a time when North East music is firmly hot property, its latest star Keiran Bowe will reveal his first song, the rousing and emotive indie anthem, ‘Hinny.’

The Gateshead lad found a silver lining in last year’s lockdown, using his time to explore new ground in his songwriting and evolving as an artist.

Keiran’s first official single “Hinny” is about a particularly emotional time in his life. Gaining confidence to lay his soul bare lyrically, the song is stirring yet relatable.

Although “Hinny” is Keiran’s first release, he has been songwriting for years, but struggled to replicate his vision for the music as an acoustic solo.

After auditioning a range of adept musicians, the current band line-up came together early last year, bringing life to the songs with a stadium-friendly instrumentation. With the band in place and new management from Newcastle’s ‘Strong Artists,’ the young talent has been able to blossom. Despite currently honing their recorded sound, Keiran and the band’s true spiritual home and passion is on the stage.

Keiran Bowe told us: “There’s just something special about being in a venue, looking out at all of the faces, sharing what you’ve written and, sometimes, even hearing the words sung back at you.” After a horrific year for the arts, particularly those relying on public performances, Keiran and the band are determined to look forward instead of back.

We don’t want to hear about the pandemic, but doing the first socially distanced gigs gave us the hunger to get back out gigging properly again,” continued Keiran.

Performing live is my medicine and I’ll never get enough of it.”

With a strong local fanbase, a remarkable talent and a clear passion for performing, Keiran is set to be the next big thing to come out of the North East music scene.

Keiran Bowe’s debut single “Hinny” is released on 26th November 2021 and is already available to pre-order on Distrokid.

The song will be available globally on all major streaming services. Alongside the release, Keiran’s promotional tour is now underway.

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