Liam Gallagher slams Daft Punk: “Take your f**king helmet off”

Liam Gallagher isn’t buying into the hype surrounding Daft Punk, it seems.

The French duo are currently on the top of the world after releasing new album ‘Random Access Memories’, which has just been named the UK’s fastest selling record of the year.

Speaking to Sony’s MU, Gallagher suggested that he is fed up of all the talk surrounding the dance stars.

He added that he isn’t a fan of their robot disguises either. The Beady Eye singer said of their hit single ‘Get Lucky’:

“I’d write that in a f***ing hour. It’s like f**k off, give me a f**king break.”

Gallagher continued: “I am not going to have people wear disguises. Take your f**king helmet off. Let’s see what you look like sans helmet, whatever you’re called.”