Lisse ‘Back to Forever’ ALBUM REVIEW

Lissie hit the ground running back in 2010 with her debut album Catching A Tiger released on the mighty Columbia Records. It reached gold status selling in excess of 250,00 copies in a short period of time. “In Sleep” was released as the album’s lead single and featured as the iTunes single of the week in the UK.

Lissie has recently announced that her new album, Back To Forever is to be released on 14 October 2013. The questions are, can the new record cope with that level of demand and what about the hit singles?

In terms of sound, not much has changed. Its still bluesy and soulful with soft lyrics scattered over its punchy 80’s pop backdrop. As before, think Fleetwood Mac or more precisely, Stevie Nicks. This is of course, no bad thing. To answer if the album can keep with the demand, thats easy to tell from just one listen, yes it can.

The album was recorded in Downtown Los Angeles, however you can’t help pick up a UK indie vibe from the first track, The Habbit. This sound continues on throughout the album, some tracks such as the title ‘Back To Forever’ drops the pace down a bit, with a tale of memories with a loved one that was lost.

Other tracks like my personal favourite Further Away (Romance Police), picks up the baton and winds up the tempo. With lyrics such as “Does anyone love anyone anymore – take it and run – He gets further away” paints the same message as the slower tracks but this time we have a song worthy of a gym playlist. You can’t help imagine a Rocky Style training montage when the volume is cranked. Its excellent!

The album also features Special guests, Catherine and Allison Pierce of The Pierces and Musician Barbara Gruska.

Lissie Is currently on tour to promote the new record,look out for our review of her Glasgow Show.