LISTEN: Alt. Psych Rockers Ten Eighty Trees Unveil Euphoric New Single ‘Superbloom’

Blossoming from the grey industrial outskirts of Newcastle-Upon Tyne, BBC 6 Music favourites Ten Eighty Trees will release their latest single ‘Superbloom’ having earned a reputation for infectious alternative rock anthems and visceral live performances.

Taking their musical cues from the San Franciscan big beat psychedelic sounds of The Oh Sees, Ty Segall and 1990s garage rock giants such as Pearl Jam and Blind Melon, Ten Eighty Trees have been on a creative warpath since forming less than a year ago.

Determined to take a bloody bite out of a jaded UK rock scene and make their mark on the world, the loveable Newcastle/Sheffield alt-rock trio are proud of their latest offering – their sixth single – and it’s not difficult to see why bands such as We are Scientists, King No-One, AllUsInLove, and The Virginmarys have made the group their tour support of choice this year.

‘Superbloom’, a rip-roaring psych-rock anthem clocking in at just over the four-minute mark, is as ambitious as it is addictive. It has big hooks, it has gnarly drum sounds, it is sonically massive and boasts a chorus that will keep you awake at night.

Speaking ahead of its release, chief songsmith, frontman and guitarist, Nathan Newton, said: I’d been reading about a rare phenomenon in the deserts of California where blossoming wildflowers occurred on such a scale they could be seen from space.

“I already had a riff which sounded like a space rock version of something that might soundtrack an episode of Planet Earth and I thought this would provide the perfect score to these lyrical themes of perseverance through hardships.

“I liked the idea of something so tremendous and vibrant finding a way to thrive in such a barren inhospitable place.

“Superbloom signifies the pivotal moments of change we experience throughout our lives where everything seemingly falls into focus, justifying our time spent slogging away to achieve our goals in life.”

Superbloom is without a doubut the band’s most hopeful and uplifting of songs to date, leaning heavily on their psychedelic and space-driven interests to put across its positive notions of tenacity in the face of adversity.

Recorded at In Heart Studios in Blaydon, Gateshead – with fellow North East rocker George Collings of GroundCulture at the production helm – their latest offering represents a band at the early peak of their powers.

For fans of off-kilter rhythms, stadium rock euphoria and groovy summer shimmerings, Superbloom shan’t disappoint.

With their first headlining tour of UK and Europe planned for late 2019, Nathan adds: “We make one hell of a racket for three quiet lads, we’re pretty intense. I like to think we’re indie rock for the rock kids and rock for the Indie kids.

“Everything that we’re doing now just on a bigger scale. Bigger gigs, bigger tunes, bigger everything.

“While releasing our singles has been great for drip-feeding a taste of what we’re all about, I definitely think a larger body of work is on the way in one form or another to greater appease our ever-growing audience.”

‘Superbloom’ will be released Friday 19th July on Spotify and all good digital stockists.