LISTEN UP: Breathless – Loveday

Due to the release of Loveday’s third single ‘Breathless’ (September 7 2018) an insight has been given into how ‘intimacy of a modern relationship and being obsessed with each other in the moment’ can effect music.

This is definitely the most honest and accurate assessment of what is a beautifully composed track with addictive R&B style drums, similar to that of Jessie Ware.

The intro slowly fades in and welcomes us to the intimate world of Loveday as well as her youthful (yet accomplished) understanding of love.

Her soft voice comes to the fore magnificently, rather than get lost in the music. She demands you listen to her every word. With thoughtfully written lyrics ‘I know everything stops in time/ nothing exists but you and I/leave me breathless’, it is an impossibility not to relate the story to your own romances.

This is a beautiful track that captures the feeling of a knotted stomach that only falling love can create. There is no fluffing up or cryptic approach from the young singer here, instead an openness that draws you in.

The purity and honesty found here are the perfect characteristics of a song to carry you into the latter stages of the year, when hunkering down and finding love is the perfect thing to do.