LISTEN: Clap Your Hands Say Yeah – ‘Fireproof’

Clap Your Hands Say Yeah have released the first single from their upcoming album, The Tourist.

‘Fireproof’ is the first single off Clap Your Hands Say Yeah’s new album The Tourist, which was written completely by vocalist/multi-instrumentalist/songwriter Alec Ounsworth. The track takes on a more synthy approach, jittering along to a persistent thumping bassline that holds it back from being the dance track it could’ve become.

The catharsis nature of the track mirrors Ounsworth’s “indulgence in self-pity” as he explains the album is “a purge of certain emotional confusion that manifested itself in the last several years. It was not an easy album to make, by virtue of the fact that it was an emotional time for me.”

The Tourist is out on February 24, and was mixed by Dave Fridmann who also worked on his previous albums Some Loud Thunder and Only Run. Check out the tracklisting below!

Listen to ‘Fireproof’ below via NPR:

1. The Pilot
2. A Chance To Cure
3. Down (is Where I Want To Be)
4. Unfolding Above Celibate Moon (Los Angeles Nursery Rhyme)
5. Better Off
6. Fireproof
7. The Vanity Of Trying
8. Loose Ends
9. Ambulance Chaser
10. Visiting Hours