LISTEN UP: Delights – ‘Jungle’

Manchester band Delights are back with their latest single ‘Jungle’, with a summery video to compliment the track. 

Cool, end of summer breeze soothes this brilliant number, which is defined with fixating guitar riffs. The metaphorical title compares the mind of a lover to a jungle as the singer suggests getting away. Tranquilly set on a lakeside, while also amongst a tennis court, the band shake hands before what seems to be a game, before their set up appears. Mimicking guitar strums with a tennis rack and playing guitar in overgrowth, the lyrics and video suggest they want to stop playing games. Concluded with home footage, the music video’s settings seem to be the perfect getaway which the singer suggests they need.

Merged with ‘Jungle’ and their previous releases since 2017, this seems to only be the remarkable beginning for the four-piece. They will be playing at Manchester’s ‘Off the Record’, and you can catch their latest gigs and releases at their twitter @delightsband_.