LISTEN: Get lost in the love of The New Coast’s debut

Close your eyes and mentally transport to a beautiful haven where golden sands kiss glistening clear blue seas. Taste the salt on your lips, let it clash with the succulently sweet pina colada. Feel the orange sun burn the top of your head and heighten the freckles across the bridge of your nose, as you smell the sun tan lotion and feel the coolness on your skin. Or, if you can’t quite gather the funds for some winter sun, embark on a three minute vacation to The New Coast.

The musical project of East London duo Nick Blyth and Chris Cheater, blends wavy, shimmering bass and sugared melody in their debut Lost In Your Love. With a soundscape as vast as their name, airy vocals are free to soar with effortless grace and sing-along lyricism ‘I don’t know where you are, so honey come and save me’.

Lifted with pulsating drum, a gentle groove strokes rousing beats that mount to an anthemic chorus. Electro pop production is as clear as blue skies, and sharp in reflection. Soft harmonies sway through a tropical haze of confident funk and subtle swagger.

A shimmering, promising debut that acts as a gentle dip in the pool of euphoria.