Following majestic singles ‘Take It Away’ and ‘Mirror Maze’, UK/Irish noir alt band HAWK are now back with their new single ‘Sin’. 

‘Sin’ is a song to backlash against the societal shaming of female sexuality (“she never speaks but she understands”), and calls for the need to embrace it. With activism at its core, it’s full of grungy riffs and dreamy vocals which really push the new age punk sound to the max.

Likened to The Cranberries and Warpaint, Julie Hawk’s vocals are what makes ‘Sin’ such a poignant track. Sung with such zealous compassion and authenticity, the lyrics are truly empowering. She’s calling for change and telling us to have pride in our sexuality and to recognise consent – an incredibly important and relevant message to our world.

Of the track, Julie explains: “it’s shouting about embracing our feelings, our cravings, our pasts, and even our mistakes, as we define them. We wear them on our skin and let them empower us as women.

Forming in London back in 2014, HAWK have really embedded their unique grunge/indie style over the last few years. Relocating to Berlin in 2016, they now produce all their music themselves and are working with the likes of fantastic Belfast-based producer Rocky O’Reilly to really branch out into their post-rock sound.

Listen to ‘Sin’ here:

‘Sin’ is out 14 July, via Veta Records.

Melody Johns