LISTEN: Hot Chip’s Alexis Taylor shares new album ‘Await Barbarians’

Alexis Taylor is streaming a preview of his new solo LP ‘Await Barbarians’ online which is released this week.

‘Await Barbarians’ is a follow on from The Hot Chip frontman’s 2008 release ‘Rubbed Out’ and has previously shared one tune off the record, ‘Elvis Has Left The Building’ which you can listen to below.

Listen to the full album HERE

‘Await Barbarians’ track listing:

1. Lazy Bones

2. From The Halfway Line

3. Without A Crutch (2)

4. Immune System

5. Dolly and Porter

6. Closer To The Elderly

7. Elvis Has Left The Building

8. Piano Ducks

9. New Hours

10. Where Would I Be?

11. Am I Not A Soldier?

12. Without A Crutch (1)


But now they’ve streamed their full over Pitchfork Advance.