LISTEN: Led Zeppelin stream previously unreleased instrumental track from 1969

Led Zeppelin have unveiled a previously unreleased instrumental which was recorded in 1969 entitled ‘La La’.

This track which is just under four minutes long reaches crazy, wacky and absurd heights which is strangely screams Jimi Hendrix throughout. Its starts off so very normal, with a catchy rhythm that compels your foot to tap but the pop like jam doesn’t last…

The rest of the song is filled with sharp guitar riffs that grind their way out to resembling some kind of enjoyable tune while a load of other commotion goes on in the background.

It’s a whole hearted instrumental which will really blow your mind one every level and includes various acoustic chunks as well as assorted dips in tone. It’s freaky but its fucking good.

You can listen to Led Zeppelin, ‘La La’ below

The song will be released on June 3, as part of the bonus material that will be thrown in with the reissue of 1969’s Led Zeppelin, 1969’s Led Zeppelin II and 1970’s Led Zeppelin III. Included in all this will be live recordings of ‘Communication Breakdown/ Good Times, Bad Times’ and a video for ‘Whole Lotta Love.’