LISTEN: Liberty Ship – ‘Cast Away’

Liberty Ship have released their third single, ‘Cast Away’, following on from their previous releases of ‘Learning to Fly’ and ‘Don’t Wish’.

The track is an energetic cut bringing back authentic rock ‘n’ roll, while keeping their youthfulness in tow. Rhythmic acoustic guitars back Lewis Hancock’s raw vocal delivery, until a confident guitar solo takes over.

‘Cast Away’ was produced by Reverend & the Makers’ Ed Cosens prior to their tour with the group, and is the first of two in the partnership.

Speaking about ‘Cast Away’, guitarist Jack Eddison said: “It’s about the dream of escape. When youre sat sharing a bottle of cider with your best mate nothing matters. Weve cast away from all you. Were invincible, try and stop us.”

Listen to ‘Cast Away’ here: