TRACK: LUCIA – ‘Melted Ice Cream’

Thirty years on from Glasgow’s infamous gangland ‘Ice Cream Wars’ comes Scot songstress LUCIA with the appetite-whetting (is it or isn’t it a metaphorical sex ode?) ‘Melted Ice Cream’.

In Intimacy, Identity, and Ice Cream: Teaching Teens and Young Adults to Live the Law of Chastity, Kyle N. Weir argues ‘the metaphor of the ice cream can be used to teach the principles of delayed gratification and the pleasure principle’.

LUCIA here dispenses with ambiguity and heads straight to the heart of the matter: the ‘cone-zone’. Her principal thought is PLEASURE in this Karen O (Yeah, Yeah, Yeahs)/Pixies evoking clang-a-lang ding-a-ling; the sound of the van coming down the street enough to thaw the ears of all and sundry. The heart in mouth anticipation, the taste buds salivating, the pocket fumbling, this FAB 99er is enough to make you fan the sweat beads of desire. In January.

In essence, you don’t eat your dinner, you don’t get your pudding. Patience is a virtue and that virtue is rewarded here. There’s a riot (grrrl) goin’ on, get involved.

‘Melted Ice Cream’ is out today (January 12) via Sony’s Sweet Jane Recordings.

This freeze-pop vendor have more dates to announce soon but you can catch them in London later this month.

25 – London, Camden Assembly (w/ Milk Disco)

Words: Kemper Boyd