Listen to new Psycho Comedy single ‘Michigan State’

Slipping their strait jackets for a second time this season, certifiable Merseyside five-piece Psycho Comedy escape Deltasonic’s asylum with their eyes on new single ‘Michigan State’.

With neurotic bass patterns and howling top lines from deranged frontman Shaun Powell, ‘Michigan State’ presents a raucous glimpse of insanity from the colourful and chaotic world of Psycho Comedy. Released on Friday September 15th via iconic Liverpool label Deltasonic, prepare to run riot to the sound of your new favourite five-some.

Determinedly self-defined as a considered concept that reacts to the delirium of the modern world, yet with distinct references to an admired past, Psycho Comedy represent a diverse, poetic, art-filled and cinematic world that thrives on the edge. On the new release, Shaun Powell remarks:

Michigan State is about searching for that definitive mindset and how finding the place ‘Smashville’ in Michigan state will be the ultimate amusement and satisfaction.”

‘Michigan State’ follows previous release ‘The Hangman’, an echoing and ominous cut of ‘insanity ‘rock and roll. Watch the video for that here

Psycho Comedy Live Dates

November 11th @ Bluecoat, Liverpool – Captain Beefheart celebration

Pic Credit: Sophia Duff