LISTEN: Palm Honey – ‘Hot Simian Weather’

Palm Honey are a new wave electro-indie band that have been making a good impression in the underground scenes at all the festivals this year, and with their new track ‘Hot Simian Weather’, you’ll see why.

If you like music that spices things up and makes you feel a bit weird, then this is the track for you! Opening the song with an odd but nicely toned guitar riff, the Depeche Mode-inspired groove gets established from the outset; with the only lyrics featured being the title, the instrumental groove and driving beats are what make ‘Hot Simian Weather’ so infectious. I can just imagine how mental this song can get live.

After playing slots at Glastonbury and Truck Festival this year, I’m excited to see what’s next for this band, their new EP Tucked Into The Electronic Wave is out now on 12” vinyl.

Listen to ‘Hot Simian Weather’ here: