LISTEN: Sad Boys Club return with huge new single ‘Know: (Part ii)’

London’s Sad Boys Club have returned with huge new single ‘Know: (Part ii)

‘Know (Part ii)’ is the first piece of new material to surface in the wake of their acclaimed second EP Four Shades of the Transitional Phase, which was released last autumn and ushered in a new era for the four piece, bringing more anthemic elements into play alongside deeper instrumental layers.

Their new release takes this even further – a pulsating electronic ballad that sees frontman Jacob Wheldon croon over an atmospheric backdrop, before the track explodes with raw cathartic outpour, culminating in a single that was perfectly made for crying on the dancefloor.

Speaking about the single, Wheldon said: “Know (Part 2) is a different take on the feelings of isolation and separation explored in Part 1.

No, it’s not about quarantine. 

It was somewhat born of the versions of your self you find after a few minutes scrolling down your own social media feeds – you can feel disassociated from that person you once were but it’s in some way immortalized, that disorientation in your own journey can be a source of relief in some ways but it can also reveal some pretty horrible truths, you don’t get to control or romanticize that narrative as you might do with nostalgia, that’s a quarry i’m interested in mining at the moment, it’s all quite existential isn’t it? 2020.”

This summer will see Sad Boys Club play a host of festivals including Dot To Dot and Hit The North as well as a support tours with Marsicans and Slow Readers Club, rescheduled dates are set to be announced soon.