LISTEN: ShadowParty share new track ‘Present Tense’

Listen to ‘Present Tense’, another taste of what to expect from ShadowParty – a band united by a fairly unusual circumstance, each member is a latter-day addition to a huge band – and their debut album release, out on Mute on 27 July 2018. Listen to the track below…

Denise Johnson (Primal Scream, A Certain Ratio) taking about the track, says “I’ve always liked the idea of sad songs that musically sound happy and I think that’s what we’ve done with ‘Present Tense’. Love can be hard sometimes and this song is about moving on from the hurt endured by it. It was a pleasure to co-write this with Shadowparty”
The band recently launched the video for their first track, the perfect summer anthem, ‘Celebrate’. Watch the video, directed by Groovy Chaos’ following a young Mexican footballer’s passion for the game, from humble beginnings to the stadium. Check it out below…

Phil Cunningham and Tom Chapman explain, “We didn’t write ‘Celebrate’ about football but when we saw the treatment it worked really well, and it has turned out to be very topical! What’s great about the video is that it captures the universal feelings that make the World Cup so special.”

The nucleus of the group formed when Josh Hager and Tom Chapman met in Boston, Massachusetts. Josh is a former member of The Rentals and currently plays guitar and keyboards in Devo. Tom Chapman is the former bass player of Bad Lieutenant who followed frontman Bernard Sumner to New Order in 2011 when the band reunited for a series of charity gigs. Completing the group are Phil Cunningham, Marion founder member and New Order’s guitarist since 2001, and drummer Jeff Friedl, who plays for Devo.

Newly signed to Mute, ShadowParty’s debut – recorded in Boston, LA, Manchester and, of course, Macclesfield – is an album that nods to those groups but exists in its own right entirely, an indie electro album with guitars and strings, and guests including the incomparable vocalist Denise Johnson (Primal Scream, A Certain Ratio) and The Verve’s revered guitarist Nick McCabe.

Also crashing the party is LA-based DJ Whitney Fierce, who appears on backing vocals, and Joe Duddell, the Manchester-based arranger who has lent his orchestral finesse to the likes of Elbow, Blossoms, and New Order; for whom he created and scored a 12-piece synth orchestra for a run of Manchester International Festival shows.

It’s the sound of a blast. ShadowParty burst through your speakers; pulsing electronics get swept away with lush orchestrations, bold beats carved up by haunting guitars and vocals tower through each moment, whispering sweet harmonies and unspoken despair.

Following a series of festival dates in spring, ShadowParty return to the UK for an exclusive appearance at Festival Number 6 with the Number 6 orchestra, arranged by Duddell, who is festival’s composer-in-residence. Further dates are due to be announced.