LISTEN: Tacocat – ‘Talk’

Following their last, fantastic single ‘I Hate The Weekend’ (featured as one of our Tracks Of The Week), Seattle pop-punksters Tacocat are back. With their socially aware, feminist ethos and infectious grungey vibes, their latest offering is just as wonderful as their last.

Fusing together raucous riffs and candy-sweet melodies, ‘Talk’ is further proof that the Tacocat’s upcoming album is a must-listen, without a doubt.

And, if you weren’t already convinced of the extreme awesomeness of this band, they are also responsible for the theme song for the new version of Cartoon Netwook’s The Powerpuff Girls; cool, huh?! Watch the cartoon’s new opening sequence here:

Lost Time, the upcoming album from Tacocat, is out 1 April via Hardly Art Records.

Mari Lane

Mari Lane

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