LISTEN: The Sherlocks share new single ‘Magic Man’

The Sherlocks have today shared new single ‘Magic Man’, taken from forthcoming second album ‘Under Your Sky’ which will be released on October 4th on Infectious Music. ‘Magic Man’ is a high energy track that’s skilfully crafted from the off, opening with big stadium ready guitars, melodic infectious riffs, pounding rhythms and honest & reflective vocals as Kiaran effortlessly sings;

“Hold on I’m coming for you…just tell me where to go and I’ll come running for you….I’m doing the best I can…I’m not a magic man and I know I get it wrong…”

‘Magic Man’ is the second track to be shared from their new album after lead single ‘NYC (Sing It Loud)’which featured actor & friend of the band,Thomas Turgoose in the video (This Is England/Game Of Thrones).

With their 2017debut album ‘Live For The Moment’, Sheffield quartet The Sherlocks established themselves as key contenders in a new wave of British bands keeping alt-rock and indie vital for a new generation of fans. The album fired into the charts at #6 as the band inspired devotion wherever they went, from shows with Liam Gallagher, an international array of festival dates to rapturously received shows in Japan.