LISTEN: Tyneside Acoustic Songsmith Gary Wight Releases Third Studio Album ‘Welcome to the Dance of the Chilli Chicken Legs’

Ginger Syrup Records’ Newcastle based Singer-songwriter Gary Wight has released his third studio album available now via all good digital stockists.

Taking musical cues from the likes from the pop majesty of Paul Simon, The Beautiful South and the dark broodiness of America, ‘Welcome to the Dance of the Chilli Chicken Legs,’ is a 10 strong pop fused anthemic sing-along covering everything from soul, jazz and ska to garage, hip-hop and reggae.

Having received national acclaim for his first two albums Wight’s latest offering represents a man at the peak of his songwriting powers and is poised to be his finest landmark achievement to date.

Produced in-house at Ginger Syrup Records on Bill Quay Newcastle by celebrated Tyneside producer Dee Dowling and mixed and mastered by engineer Brian Emerson ‘Welcome to the Dance of Chili Chicken Legs’ features Wight’s trademark croon and dance along grooves.

Speaking on the release of his latest album, Gary Wight, explains: “I had already decided the album would be acoustic-based to provide its tone but it could have easily been a different kind of album had we gone electric. The lyrics cover a number of topics but the aim of it was to bring together an eclectic set of songs that had a collective acoustic sound.

“There’s jazz, hip-hop, Garage, soul, reggae, ska and country on there all pinned down by that acoustic approach. I wrote the album to please myself like I do with all music. I had no pretensions about it.

“I write music to move to. At the heart of everything I write is a pulse and it’s always the starting point in its creation. I like to engage with people so there’s always that. I have a great band that I would pay to go and see and the harmonies now are fantastic. So people will get an energetic performance when they see my band perform this album live with tap along tunes performed by great musicians and topped with mass harmonies.”

Gary Wight has consistently been one of the shining lights in the North East’s songwriting circuit and has written and recorded over 500 tracks since bursting onto the scene with his former bands Mojo Pep and Zubi in the 1990s.

He’s the latest artist to be signed to Tyneside’s Factory Records inspired music label, Ginger Syrup Records, the brainchild of celebrated producer Dee Dowling.

Gary Wight will be announcing tour dates soon to tie in with the new album release and will be heading around some of the region’s and the UK’s iconic venues.

All tracks are brought into focus by the grown-up, lyrical approach to the well-worn topics of love, loss and social comment.
These are the words of a life lived and seen through the looking glass, refracted by a kaleidoscope. Honest and insightful and at the same time elusive, allowing its meaning to tempered by the fire of one’s own experience; combined with a mission to include as many leftfield chord combinations as possible in an attempt to establish a freshness and yet familiarity with each new song.
He adds: “I would hope the music will be at least appreciated. There is some wonderful stuff on it, I like it a lot. I love the playing and the approach and it is different to what you have already.

“I feel the songs have merit and the lyrics have meaning and display an individuality rather than being a clone of each other. The running order has been thought through carefully with the vinyl release in mind with each side meant to have it’s own tone in terms of lyrical content and feel.

“If someone else had recorded this I would give it a listen and would buy it and I hope my fans and people who like good music will too.”

‘Welcome to the Dance of Chili Chicken Legs’ is out now and available for digital download priced at £9.99 and 99p per track via the likes of iTunes, Spotify, Google and Amazon.