LISTEN UP: Kurt Vile ‘One Trick Ponies’

Showcasing another faultless example of sprawling guitar work, Kurt Vile unveils organic and playful autumnal single, ‘One Trick Ponies’.

Having previously released ‘Loading Zones, and agrarian, coalesce single ‘Bassackwards’; the Philadelphian rocker has revealed ‘One Trick Ponies’. The final single to be taken from his recently-released seventh studio solo album, Bottle It In.

Similar to the atypical Kurt Vile audio watermark, ‘One Trick Ponies’ is centered around a revolving mid-tempo guitar melody that is subtly partnered with a shuffling drum beat, culminating in an affable 5-minute exuberance of colour and playfulness.

Vile’s vocal delivery emanates in an amiable and cordial manner, his lyrics morph between the peculiar and the affectionate throughout the duration – “Some are weird as hell, but we love all/ Some are one trick ponies but we embrace all”. The result is a resplendent vocal performance, as lyrics segue from the tongue with little prompt.

Bottle It In, by Kurt Vile, is available to purchase, now.

Photography Credit: Jo McCaughey