LIVE: Affairs (w/ Tuscan Sun & Indigo Velvet) @ Night & Day, Manchester, 04.11.17

On another Saturday which saw Scruff Of The Neck take over Manchester’s Oldham Street, we headed to Night & Day to catch Tuscan Sun, Indigo Velvet and Affairs.

Following sets from both Tuscan Sun and Indigo Velvet that could have convinced us we were anywhere other than rainy Manchester, Affairs took to the stage. Perhaps more fitting for the weather outside – their dark electro sound hailing from the industrial heart of Manchester – but ever entertaining, Affairs’ set played out in a decidedly theatrical manner.

Indeed, whenever Affairs name crops up (which it’s doing increasingly in Manchester) I push to see them live. Of course, their records are fantastic, but they’re made for stage; it’s where Affairs are in their element. Having now seen Affairs in three venues on Oldham Street, a hub for Manchester’s thriving bands, it’s clear they put their all into every show. It’s a sound that wouldn’t be out of space in expansive churches, but works just as well in a Northern Quarter bar; and it’s hard to imagine Affairs delivering any differently in either venue.

This is gushy, perhaps, but Affairs truly embody the consistently growing music scene that Manchester plays host to, while standing out proudly from the crowd. It won’t be long before they’re bursting out of Oldham Street completely.

Melissa Svensen

Melissa Svensen

Melissa Svensen

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