LIVE: Alex Clare – Electric Ballroom, London 31.01.17

Following the release of his new album Tail Of Lions, Alex Clare is currently touring across the UK and Europe. The album was recorded on a narrow boat on the River Lea with Chris Hargreaves and recorded in just a few weeks, after which Alex went on to spend months working on the final mix.

Speaking about the album, Alex commented We’re only interested in making nasty sounding music to play live, but I want to make music that people dance to. I want to build up that energy so people can really let go and that’s my whole focus” – and that’s exactly what he achieved when he performed at The Electric Ballroom in Camden.

Alex kicked off with his classic ‘Up All Night’ to which the crowd knew every word and greeted with a great applause. He continued to feed this energy from the crowd by playing ‘Never Let You Go’ from his album Three Hearts. Alex then played the first song from Tail Of Lions ‘Tell Me What You Need’, which the crowd loved. In-between singing his new songs faultlessly, Alex told the audience how happy he was to be playing in Camden, where he learned to play music live.

Closing with ‘Too Close’, Alex was treated to a raucous cheer from the crowd, to which he continued to play an encore of ‘Open My Eyes’. Finally, he closed with a gorgeous sounding acoustic cover of ‘Goodnight Irene’, a song that he said he played at almost every gig when he first started out, playing in Camden.

Tail of Lions is available now. Follow Alex Clare on Facebook for more updates.

Katie Rodgers