LIVE: Blossoms, Brudenell Social Club, Leeds, 07.10.15

Leeds is always a good shout for a place to play a good gig. Coming with the promise of a crowd always up for a good time, it had to be on the list of places Blossoms were going to come on their huge UK Autumn tour. With a debut album in the works meaning material new and old from the band, Gigslutz came along to their night at Leeds’ Brudenell Social Club to have a listen and a dance to Stockport’s finest.

Launching straight into ‘Cut Me And I’ll Bleed’, there’s no need for an introduction for the Stockport band as once they kick into the opening melodies the packed out Brudenell shows little signs of unfamiliarity with the track. Pushing on through to the tried and tested ‘You Pulled A Gun On Me’, Blossoms’ swirling keys and harmonising vocals urge the crowd to move closer to the stage as they get more acquainted with the smoothness of the rhythms and progressions happening in front of them.

Throwing back to the days of synth pop as they move onto new track ‘Charlemagne’, it’s hard to tell they only it released at the beginning of month with the applause and shouts beginning as soon as the grooves of the keys begin. The slick basslines joined with the energy of frontman Tom Ogden’s vocals definitely prove it as a crowd pleaser, making everyone even more anticipating of the promise of more new material in the near future.

With the promise of material off their upcoming debut album already made, there’s no way they couldn’t include some in the setlist. Fitting in perfectly with the rest of their set, ‘At Most A Kiss’ incorporates the Blossoms everyone knows and loves, but also with an added dirtiness. Still with a slight nod to the synth-pop seen in ‘Charlemagne’ in the chorus, there’s no denying this one’s still got more to it with the further falsetto harmonies and accompanying strobes making the thought of the album even more exciting.

After the venture into the future release of Blossoms, the finale of the night lends itself back into their back catalogue for fan favourites ‘Blown Rose’ and Blow’. With the sold-out Brudenell on their side, they begin the laidback melodies of ‘Blown Rose’ for the crowd to sway along and join in for a singalong with the lovestruck vocals from Ogden.

Now with time for only one more, they push on into ‘Blow’ which receives the high regard from the crowd it deserves. Though having remained relatively calm throughout, gradually more and more of the crowd get involved with arms being raised in the air accompanying the passionate croons of the chorus, and even with little space left up front, it doesn’t stop those further back grabbing a better view for the big finish.

Leaving the stage with huge cheers and shouts, it makes it even more exciting with what to expect from the guys from Blossoms. With only a couple of insights into what to be expecting from their debut (and for those insights to be so good), it seems like it can only keep on going up for them.

Becky Rogers