LIVE: Bute, Carolines & The Weirs @ This Feeling, Clwb Ifor Bach, Cardiff 02.06.18

Hailing from Swansea, The Weirs open Cardiff’s third This Feeling gig over the past month, this time at renowned Clwb Ifor Bach, with their indie-punk sound and screaming confidence which hides the fact that you can count the amount of gigs they’ve played on just one hand.

A new band on the scene, The Weirs bring five friends together; their set proving that the outcome of friendship and instrumental skill is pure talent and success. Lead singer, Billy Kamio, announces loud and punchy song ‘Issac’ named after the bass player of the band, Issac Griffiths before they slow it down with sentimental ‘The Beach’, which introduces a more mellow vibe. With the last song a cover song and personal band favourite, there are laughs amongst both the band and audience as drummer, Billy Stillman, opens with a different, much faster drum beat by mistake, leaving Kamio baffled. The Weirs bring a different approach to Cardiff’s music scene and highlight the ever-present talent of young musicians.

The next act bring a crowd with them, friends and family, a few donning shirts with the bands name emblazoned on it. Indie rock band, Carolines, from Cardiff, are welcomed with cheers of encouragement as frontman Ashley Kidd comments on how great it feels, for it is only the second time the band have played at the venue but there is noticeably a bigger crowd since the first time. Kidd dedicates second song, ‘Electric’, to fellow musician friends, James Wilson and Harry Watton of The Rotanas, as the band can be seen in the crowd giving their support to Carolines and singing along. A smooth transition into popular, ’18’, is noticed with ooh’s and aah’s from the audience and a neglected tune since the EP was released, The Window, ends with some really loud eager whistling for the bands efforts. Caroline’s smile throughout and end the set with fan favourite, ‘Blow The Gasket’. “If you want to know when we’re next playing, ask my Dad in the Adidas shirt over there!” Exclaims Kidd, and I’m sure after this performance, there’d be a fair few who would want to know.

And headlining the gig is ‘Bute’, a four-piece indie rock band from South Wales, their name highlighting their links to Wales’ capital: Cardiff. The band brings bass and drum heavy sounds that suit the appeal of Clwb Ifor Bach’s usual audience. A first for Bute, the boys take their headline spot and give it their all, performing a strong selection of songs. Although, it is their heavily advertised debut single, Can You Hear Me, that sparks recognition amongst the crowd as a few sing along; a feeling that every new band wants to experience. Despite the rest of the set being newly heard, unreleased material, it is received so well, with no doubts that once released, will receive the credit it deserves.

Luke Williams on lead vocals matches the music genre with his mysterious attitude whilst bassist Sam Hoy injects a little bit of fun with some infectious dancing that continues throughout. Although the band remain quiet during their set, focusing on putting across their material in the best way they can, it is the end of the show that stands out for all. As Williams holds the vocals, Hoy mounts an amp, and Luke Cutlan on lead guitar ventures into the crowd; Jon Green smashing the beat so crucial to the heavying sound. Their energy is undeniable as it reflects onto the crowd. With continued touring and releases of singles, the confidence displayed here by Bute will soon be the norm, as they make themselves known in Cardiff’s prevalent music scene. After this opening show in their hometown, the band are sure to impress on the remaining dates of their debut tour.

Words: Amy Farrer
Photos: Callum O Keefe