LIVE: Dermot Kennedy w/ Jack Vallier @ Gorilla, Manchester, 19.02.18

Jack Vallier was the support for the evening and he set the tone for the night beautifully. He played a very moving set which captured the crowd with such a mellow energy and left everybody in awe. On the night he did everything himself, he was a lone man up on the stage and even though he did a fantastic job at this I feel as though it would have been just a bit better if there was someone on a keyboard playing some harmonic sounds to just add that little bit of something to his songs. Overall he was tremendous and very suited opener for Dermot Kennedy.

Dermot Kennedy entered the sold out room of Gorilla in complete darkness to a very patient crowd. He then slowly began to play ‘An Evening I Will Not Forget’ and the whole crowd swayed along with such joy. The rest of his very emotive and powerful set all received very similar reactions from the crowd, everybody in the room was singing along with big smiles on their face. I feel like the crowds response really conveys what his music is about and Dermot is someone who is definitely worth seeing if you want to experience a rather special night, overall the whole show was truly delightful.   


Dermot 1 Dermot 2 Dermot 3 Dermot 4 Dermot 5 Dermot 6 Dermot 7 Dermot 8 Dermot 9 Jack V 2 Jack V 3 Jack V 4 Jack V

Words & Pictures: Zack Hough / @ZACKHOUGH

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