LIVE: Django Django @ O2 Ritz Manchester, 21.03.18

For those who believe Django Django are worth anything less than high flying appraisal as one of the better bands within the indie music scene, this would have been the gig for you. Their performance not only consolidated their talent for showcasing their music to a championing degree, but also translated their sound for fans into a kaleidoscopic bridge which allowed the songs and audience to truly connect. In other words, you could say it felt like you had been there all along, watching and listening to them write the songs from scratch. This gig just made you understand.

The boys are currently on tour until late summer, yet it will be a miracle if they make it that far if they keep up the same energy they demonstrated in Manchester. “Vinny died of a heart attack on stage. Too much jumping.” I wouldn’t be half surprised. Speaking of energy, Django Django had the whole room catch their contagious dance fever which moved with intensity against the kinetic beats and absorbing rhythms. The band unlocked a ferocious force from the very get go of the performance and this did not drop at any point throughout the gig. Not a person in the room was excluded from this powerful drive as the audience were encouraged to clap, dance, wave and all the rest of it. Django Django were there for one reason and one reason only, to simply have a good time.

To say the least, the setlist was unquestionably engaging. Any doubts that listeners may have had in terms of later albums in comparison to their self-titled debut album Django Django from back in 2012, must have been screaming for dismissal during this gig. The band made the clever decision to begin with a solid set of newer hits which were progressively scattered as the older gems began to filter through. This merge meant that the setlist established a consistently stimulating portfolio of songs which bounced yet flowed magnificently throughout the performance. The way these songs were played was also significantly captivating. The band didn’t attempt to do anything fancy with the original tracks just for an easy hype. Simple rises in tempo and the use of fiddling with the unexpected regarding key and time signatures, meant that there wasn’t the need for excessive change. Django Django stayed true to their records which meant the gig came across as authentic, whilst still balancing the wave of dynamic spirit.

Visually, this setting was phenomenal. The band took every possible advantage of the venue. Using alternating themes for every song, the stage screens switched from psychedelic patterns, to underwater oceans, to animated solar systems. The combination of these visuals with the vivid lights and intense flashes, meant that the room became an arena of imagination where we were taken elsewhere for a while.

This performance manifested the successful task of strengthening Django Django’s credit altogether as a distinguishably exceptional band. The gig acted as a gentle nudge that their records are not merely just songs, but endurable anthems that should be widely appreciated amongst those who are not only lucky enough to come across their music, but especially for those who manage to catch any of their performances in the years to come. Django Django are a perfect example of letting the music do the talking when it comes to putting on a show. No nonsense, just great tunes.