LIVE: DMA’S @ Victoria Warehouse, Manchester 1/11/21

Review and Photography by Jonathan Taylor

Instagram: jonathantaylorphotography

After the release of their critically acclaimed third album ‘The Glow’ in 2020, DMA’S plans to travel to UK shores to tour the album grounded to a halt due to the global pandemic.

Now with additional dates added, the Sydney based outfit have at last returned to the UK for a 20 date tour and can now celebrate the release of the album with their UK fan base. We join the DMA’S on the first of three nights at the Victoria Warehouse in Manchester.

As proceedings begin, the notable difference since the bands last visit to the UK is the significant increase in production value, which is a statement of intent as to the direction the band is taking. The impressive lighting display backed by the synth driven intro builds melodically before the DMA’S takes to the stage. The packed venue is poised and already in full voice chanting in anticipation for the band’s arrival. DMA’S take to the stage and the building samples break into the psychedelic guitar loops and melodic vocals of ‘Never Before’. Up next is album title track ‘The Glow’, which given the complexity of the production on the album translates live beautifully. ‘Silver’ is an absolute delight, which sees the crowd with arms aloft, singing every word back to the stage.

From start to finish the evening is an anthemic masterclass, which draws on the band’s back catalogue, with the likes of ‘Dawning’, ‘In The Moment’, ‘Tape Deck Sick’ and ‘Delete’. There are heavier periods with fan favourites ‘Play It Out’, and ‘Lay Down’, but in stark contrast beautifully tender moments with the likes of ‘In The Air’ and ‘Appointment’.

Outings for their latest offerings ‘We Are Midnight’ and the heart felt ‘Junk Truck Head Fuck’ off the E.P. ‘I Love You Unconditionally, Sure Am Going To Miss You’ sound perfectly at home amongst the classics.

DMA’S have been truly embraced by fans on British soil and are fast becoming one of the driving forces in the tapestry of the UK music scene. Tonight, on a wet evening in Manchester was perhaps the perfect fit for such a band given their musical influences. The evening captured the absolute joy, spirit and energy of DMA’S, the impact their music has and the admiration of their UK fan base who spent the evening galvanised by the impact of the band’s music.