New Track: Delta Will – ‘A Dream’

Sometimes it’s difficult to differentiate dreams from waking life. Like when you take an afternoon nap having convinced yourself that you’d done everything that needed to be done in the day. When you hadn’t. It is those few moments of complete inability to distinguish that carry a certain magic about them. A warm, out of body goodness.

In those few moments you could be anywhere and be anyone. Toronto’s Delta Will capture this essence in their latest release ‘A Dream’, the second from their forthcoming album.

Starting slow, a subtle groove mounts with glorious, seamless riffs. The nifty pickings jauntily build up to an electro-infused fest with minimal synths and hearty instrumentals.

Uplifting shots of carefree energy are injected into carnival-esque rhythm whilst jubilant beats bounce from all directions in frenzied play with repetitive, tribal drums. As neo-psych guitars roughen the edges, there’s a distinguishable twang to the whiskey vocals. They seem older, wiser, experienced. They bribe, almost seduce, with trusting knowledge.

Delta Will provoke thought with their existential pop that spans cinematically. Their careful lyricism grits the pop sensibilities with heart and soul.

Weathering, the new album from Delta Will, is set for release 18 March.

Tanyel Gumushan