LIVE: Eliza And The Bear – Manchester Academy 3 15.04.16

Following the release of their self titled debut album only a week before the gig, Eliza And The Bear fans were gushed with enthusiasm for the latest tracks at Manchester Academy 3.

Roady pop with a dash of trumpet instrumental, track ‘Light It Up’ was the title to set the night in place. A resembling mash of Imagine Dragons combined with The 1975 was clearly present within this number, which was contrastingly lighter than the following track, ‘Make It On My Own’. Being increasingly darker in comparison to the initiating song, though with vocals soaring within the room, this number had trumpet elements interwoven within the busy instrumental throughout, similar to the prior.

‘Upon The North’ saw the band’s hinted closeness with two members embracing within the number. Continuing the roadie elements was the overly energetically passionate keyboard player, before then transcending into tranquility within the bridge. It wasn’t long before the upbeat melody of ‘Where Have You Been?’ interrupted the hushed Academy.

Majestically turning to the next track ‘Brother’s Boat’, the band created a genre of magical pop with their buoyant tones, and their atmospheric audience resulting from this; ‘I’m On Your Side’, ‘Talk’ and ‘Oxygen’ proceeded this even further.

Increasingly melancholic tracks ‘Lion’s Heart’, implying a Mumford And Sons country-esque influence and ‘Cruel’ gave a contrast to the gig, ending the setlist on a tranquil note. Orchestral influence diluted with the ghastly vocals once the track drew to an end. Here, the crowd were motivated to light up their phones to the unhurried track before reappearing for their encore.

With the crowd encouraged to chant, the room circulated into DJ Otzi’s ‘Hey Baby’ to fuel ‘It Gets Cold’ and ‘Friends’. Despite the roadie, beach vibe tones present within ‘Friends’, Manchester Academy created a mosh pit to the number. Having only released their album a week prior to the gig, their already dedicated fanbase is only set to increase.

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