LIVE: Emeli Sande – Gorilla, Manchester 05.10.16

Emeli Sandé was welcomed to the stage at Gorilla, Manchester on Wednesday 5th October. A mellow beginning with ‘Intermission’ kicked off the night, involving eerily talented vocals in an almost accapella number.

Contrastingly, the following track was ‘Heaven’, which saw the audience transcend into energetic involvement. Sandé performed this track better live, despite being slower than the radio version. The crowd’s reaction to the chart hit was full of life, which was simmered in the following tracks ‘Give Me Something’ and ‘Every Single Little Piece Of Me’.

Her BBC Live Lounge cover of Riri, Kanye & Macca’s ‘FourFive Seconds’. Adding a personal twist to the track, the entire band and Sandé herself ensured they smashed the number, providing something for everyone. ‘Highs and Lows’ was dedicated to Sandé fans for “sticking by her after not releasing anything in a long time”, adding a warm vibe to the quirky venue, followed by yet another new track, ‘Happiness’. ‘Hurts’, followed by her personal favourite track off her new album, ‘Garden’, was played after another vastly popular track – ‘My Kind Of Love’ – which created a sense of togetherness with the crowd, with in sync vocals from both Sandé and her audience.

The slower yet still clearly favoured song ‘Cloud’ spread emotion over the crowd, who cheered on Sandé after reaching the impressive, highly pitched vibrato heard throughout her music – it was certainly the most emotional track of the night. Once this song faded out, Sandé and her crew left the stage before returning for their encore.

Acting as a more upbeat track to the night, ‘Babe’ was the next track to be played. Despite being evidently more lively, the new track was yet to be recognised by the audience, leaving the catchy chorus remaining in their minds as they left Gorilla.

‘Next To Me’ welcomed Sandé back onto the stage, with the entire crowd going wild for her biggest hit. ‘Read All About It’ concluded the night, encouraging the crowd to sing along with the hook. Filled with a variation of chart topping hits, alongside future Sandé numbers, her audience are sure to warmly welcome the singer back after this intimate, electric performance.

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