LIVE: FEET – YES Basement, Manchester


Rising Coventry rockers FEET take their unique brand of groove infused punk to a sold out YES in what turned out to be a blistering affair.

Opening the set was a raucous rendition of single, ‘English Weather’, and with this the punk-ethos of the night was set swiftly into motion. Filling the venue was the sound of screeching guitars juxtaposing with the groove driven bass, fittingly channelling such Madchester legends as the Happy Mondays. The Iggy Pop-esque vocal delivery served to grab the attention of the capacity crowd, something that persisted for the entirety of the show.

As the set progressed, tracks such as, ‘Hot Dog’, ‘Ad Blue’ and ‘Wiggy Pop’ served to demonstrate the strengths of the band’s debut LP, ‘What’s Inside Is More Than Just Ham’. Holding the crowd in a funk-based trance, the sea of swaying bodies that filled the venue just as quickly became flailing limbs as FEET demonstrated the multifaceted nature of their sound.

As the show raced towards its climax, the band opted to display the heavier side to their sound. Playing tracks that showcased thrashed guitars rather than the more groove based tones that permeated the earlier stages of the set. With this change the crowd came unglued, in-particular for the one-two-punch of, ‘Good Richard’s Crash Landing’ and ‘Petty Thieving’. As guitars cut through the venue bodies thrashed into one another, with some crowd surfers getting close to the small venues ceiling. This was aided by the intense nature of the frontman, locking eyes with select members of the crowd before thrashing away to the harsh beat of the drum.

Closing out the set was track, ‘Outer Rim’. With the venue descended into a fog of red the band let loose, channelling every ounce of energy into the conveying the thrashed nature the track deserves. This was greeted by a rapturous crowd who returned every ounce of energy offered by the band. As the guitars faded, FEET exited the stage.

FEET’s show at Manchester’s YES optimised the strengths of the rising crop of punk-influenced acts. Blending a mix of intensity and charm, the show swayed from strength to strength and genre to genre. In-between the cacophony of guitars and the dance-ability of the base, the sense that this is a band on the cusp of something big was undeniable.