LIVE: Fling @ Original Penguin 01.12.17

It’s not often you attend these sort of things and hang around longer than you have to. But this was definitely one of those occasions. Reasons for lingering are best bulleted:

  • – Original Penguin peoples are among the nicest peoples in the world of fashion that you could hope to meet.
  • the PR team behind the event – Silverdoor are always as welcoming as your grandma’s house at Christmas, smiles and a twinkle.
  • There was free booze
  • The band of the evening were conversationalists of the highest order, an absolute craic of the finest vintage and they had the tunes to match their chat.

They stood their ground when put on the spot individually and probed for their supergroup line ups. They took a steam of pro-illmatic (Nas’s debut album) lyrical homages in their stride, and one of them even offered up their sister for marriage to one of the Gigslutz entourage. Long story.

Most importantly however, they stripped back their usual sound to one that fitted the surroundings and pulled it off with ease. Easing seamlessly from one track to another whilst clearly having a great time doing it. It’s also refreshing to see and hear a myriad of influences on a band but they all take their place comfortably together. The stand out track for me was ’21st Century’. Delightful tune with a change of pace in proceedings but the majority of their songs were infused with character as well as the humour that’s so apparent when you hang out with the band.

They’re back in London supporting another band who have been supported by Gigslutz from day one – Judas – on Tuesday 12th December at Sebright Arms, so get down, just get down.

David Ham.