LIVE: Good Morning w/ Secret Admirer, Castle Hotel, Manchester, 27.09.17

Nothing quite compares to the mellow and nonchalant atmosphere of a smaller gig in the heart of the city, and Good Morning members Stefan Blair and Liam Parsons (guitarists) delivered exactly this. All the way from Melbourne, the band certainly could have fooled the audience into believing this wasn’t a product of their first ever European tour.

The support band Secret Admirer were undeniably the perfect introduction before Good Morning began. Both bands successfully intertwine the soft echoes of surf indie and atmospheric guitar, whilst balancing upbeat tempos with contingent chords – blend these sounds with the dim lights and stuffy air, you have yourselves an extremely tranquil and relaxed audience. Having said this, when the audiences favourites such as ‘Once you know’ and ‘Don’t Come Home Today’ commenced, we couldn’t help but visibly enjoy their rising classics.

Where small venues can often bring about a degree of awkwardness with regards to the intimacy between band and audience, Good Morning dismissed this entirely with a laid back and carefree approach that no member of the audience could help but fall in love with. Between their breezy pop-rock performances the band drew the audience in even more with ironic jokes and charming wit – “James’ (temp drummer) mum gave birth to him whilst listening to the Twin Peaks theme tune. True or false?” Hopefully true.

With the flow from one chilled tune to the next, the band couldn’t help but continue with the corner-of-the-eye smiles from across the stage, which soon enough left them trying to sing through their giggles – there was not one straight face left in the room. The cosy and intimate atmosphere of the venue mixed with their endearingly comical approach unquestionably worked to the band’s advantage and united everyone in the audience. Even when asked “One more song?” at the end of the gig, Liam cleverly turned his unfortunate response of having no more songs to play into “One more beer?”

Needless to say, the gig ended with a huge and final cheer and everyone was left in high spirits – it would be safe to say that we’re all going to be waiting patiently for the next time play in Manchester.

Bronwyn Riseley