LIVE: The Hummingbirds, The Jackobins & Scarlet – Night & Day, Manchester 27.02.15

Labelled as “The Scouse Invasion” by Ugly Man Records, The Hummingbirds, The Jackobins and Scarlet put on a hell of a show at Manchester’s Night & Day Cafe in front around 150 revellers for a label showcase gig.

Scarlet have members from all over Northern UK but the band records and rehearses in Liverpool, which is their claim to being part of The Scouse Invasion. The band have been working towards their debut EP release, which is set to be released at a launch night at Liverpool’s Leaf Bar on April 30th, and they used this gig as a chance to showcase and road-test new tunes. At the forefront of their set was the EP’s lead single, ‘Anyway’, which was premiered on UK radio this week. Their star-gazingly dreamy, yet dark pop went down a storm with Joy Division-esque basslines and pulsy riffs from Adam Cunliffe and Ryan Lee. They went on to play the shoegaze infused ‘Dead’ in harmony with fellow new track ‘Alone’ in an infectiously fast and furious medley of indie-pop infused goodness. Frontwoman Jessie is about as lively as they come which only adds to their live attraction and they’re set for a huge 2015.

Following on from Scarlet was a true scouse invasion with Liverpool’s The Jackobins taking to the stage, the band played all 4 tracks from their Ghosts EP which was released late last year. The fascinating live tone for the synthy anti-war hit ‘Prussia’ and lead single ‘Ghosts’ make up the main-stay of their set with lead singer Dominic Bassnett as energetic as ever jumping crowd barriers and scailing speakers whilst belting out mesmerizing vocals. The Jackobins were recently announced for a run of UK festivals over the summer of 2015 including Strawberry Fields Festival, Sheffield’s Tramlines and Liverpool Calling alongside Reverend & The Makers, and their new track ‘Waiting For The Sun’ was performed at Night & Day and their performance suggests it’ll go down a storm in the festival enviroment. If you’re not able to catch them at a festival they play live at Liverpool’s East Village Arts Club on March 28th.

Finally The Hummingbirds took to the stage, I found out this evening to my astonishment that the band are still un-signed which seems crazy to me considering they’ve been touring the country to increasing crowds over the last 18 months, and are arguably one of the tightest bands around Liverpool at the minute – along with the two above and a few others. The band performed memorably to a crowd which steadily increased as the night went on and wowed with impressive harmonies and sing-a-long friendly songs. They played the crowd favourite ‘Back In Liverpool’ in all its glory, alongside the first song they wrote together as band, the folk-anthem ‘Talking Of Tomorrow’, as well as ‘Way Into Your Heart’ which they performed live for LFC TV last year! The bands latest EP is out on Limited Edition vinyl now and  you can catch them live at Telford’s Warehouse in Chester on March 13th.

Overall these 3 bands showcased what is great about the Liverpool music scene at the moment and made this gig a very memorable one.

Jake Marley