LIVE: Léon at Islington Assembly Hall 08.04.19

Swedish singer Léon sold out the Islington Assembly Hall for the last date for her European tour last night, in a whirlwind, dreamlike performance that left the audience stunned at her mesmerizing talent.

Léon treated her fans to a 19-song set, with the Islington Assembly Hall being the perfect, picturesque venue, intimate and old fashioned. She danced her way onto the stage, bringing an energy and warmth to the room, telling the audience; “I can already tell we’re going to have a very good time tonight”.

The crowd was entertained by Léon’s humorous anecdotes, as she took the time to explain the meaning behind certain songs, telling stories of her time living in Stockholm in Sweden. Even when it came to more emotional tracks she kept things light and positive, making the crowd laugh, and also giving a true understanding to the words she was singing.



A particularly poignant moment came when all her band members left the stage apart from one and together they performed acoustically, silencing the crowd as they watched in awe, Leon’s ballads showcasing her fantastic and soulful voice.

Bringing the energy in the room back up with the other band members returning to the stage, the morale remained high throughout the show and the crowd were clearly loving it, dancing around to their favourite hits, even up in the balcony as Léon happily pointed out: “to the ladies dancing up in the balcony, I see you, and I love you.”

The audience ate up every moment, singing along to their favourite songs, creating a beautiful, harmonic, ambience in the room. Léon ended the night with a two-song encore, expressing her love for her fans, promising them that she would be back soon.

Elegant and artistic, Léon’s performance at Islington Assembly Hall lived up to her fans expectations and they walked away happy and raving about their favourite singer.