LIVE: Otherkin w/ Sapho & Kashmere, Jimmy’s, Manchester, 22.03.17

Acting as a haven, providing a midweek pick-me-up in the form of live music, Jimmy’s is fast becoming known for hosting some of the best new talent.

Flying the flag for women in the music industry – the gig presented by MEAN music (the girls behind When In Manchester) – and for new music – the lineup featuring some of the strongest new names, Wednesday night saw Sapho, Kashmere and Otherkin take over Jimmy’s.

Though its members have technically been playing together for four years, Sapho is a venture that only began in January – with the mission to create a solid set of original material. In just 2 short months, Sapho have managed just that, their set at Jimmy’s proving that this wasn’t so much a mission, but more their calling; something instilled in them anyway that, with the right set up, they were able to unleash.

So far, 2017 has seen Kashmere go from strength to strength, garnering more support from BBC Introducing, This Feeling and Spotify playlists, pushing them up in the world of new music. With Wednesday’s set seeing both their singles met with audience sing-a-longs, and just as much enthusiasm pouring out of the crowd for the rest of the tracks, it’s clear that 2017 has also seen Kashmere perfect their sound. With gigs like Wednesday’s building up their ever growing legion of supporters, there’s a feeling around Kashmere that things are about to get really good.

It’s worth noting too, as I’ve highlighted in the past, the willingness of the crowds at Jimmy’s. While midweek can often result in diminished crowds, those present are more than happy to participate. From Sapho, right through to Otherkin leaving the stage, everyone was willing to watch – and get involved. Such willingness and energy was only heightened only by Otherkin’s own energy: unfaltering despite the relatively small crowd, and the mark of a truly great band. Between their unapologetically noisy garage-punk sound, and frontman Luke’s ability to clamber onto anything and everything, Otherkin proved themselves to be nothing short of fantastic.

MEAN, Jimmy’s, and the bands they both play host to, are solid proof that new music is only getting better.

Melissa Svensen

Melissa Svensen

Melissa Svensen

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