LIVE: Our Girl @ The Garage, London 25.10.18

Our Girl’s sound is textured and disguises itself in an amalgamation of fog – made up of short burst of heavy guitar and back into slower, waltzing soul-rock.

One way to describe their sound and their live presence is in the new kids’ toy craze of Feisty Pets. In the same way as Our Girl, these fluffy looking creatures appear innocent. Squeeze them, and they pull a monstrous face. Our Girl have the same secret ability to pack a punch (although, not as terrifying).
The change in rhythm and shifting nature of their songs is what made this set fly by.

The whole experience was like a soothing carousel through their tunes, slowly bobbing but deeply immersive.

Lead singer and guitarist Soph Nathan, also of The Big Moon, has that knack of pulling off understated-cool. This, of course, makes her just that bit cooler. She’s the double-edged sword that drives the band. Whilst her guitar screeches and shreds its way through the darker, heavier points of the set, her soft voice hovers above it all. ‘Josephine’ is the track where all of this is ignited.

This trio are a special gem in the Brighton music scene’s crown. Each song feels like a personal address. ‘I Really Like It’ is both heart-warming and heart-wrenching. “I like living in your world, you never know the time… I love it that you’re mine”, captures the pure love that infatuation brings.

This was by no means a show that sparked the crowd at The Garage into a mad frenzy. Instead, the crowd watched on in awe, slowly sipping pints rather than slinging them down. Our Girl are a band that make you drink it all in, to stop, become affected and lose all concept of the outside world.

Words: Luke Scanlan