LIVE (Photos): Gigslutz Live @ The Finsbury w/ Kid Cupid, 14.07.17

Since the start of the year, we’ve had some pretty amazing bands play for us at The Finsbury, including Ice Cold SlushMadonnatronThe Empty Page and Trash Kit. So, we were excited to be back at the North London venue last night for more incredible live music!

First up are the wonderfully riotous Coltana bringing their gritty, energy-fuelled brand of charismatic grunge rock to the stage, even throwing in an incredible Soundgarden cover to commemorate the legendary Chris Cornell.

Complete with sparkling accordion melodies and the smooth, luscious vocals of Sophie Dodds, Storm The Palace are up next with their dreamy, folk-tinged offerings.

Next we’re treated to the delicate beauty and subtle power of Caswell. Along with her endearing mid-song chat, she delivers her captivating, elegant electro-pop to an enchanted crowd.

Headliners Kid Cupid end the night on a high, delivering their uptempo indie-electro offerings and sweeping soundscapes to a mass of adoring, dancing fans.


Photo Credit: Jon Mo/@jonmophoto

Mari Lane

Mari Lane

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