LIVE (photos): Gigslutz Live At The Finsbury w/ Trash Kit

Since the start of the year, we’ve had some pretty amazing bands play for us at The Finsbury, including Ice Cold SlushMadonnatronSahara Dam and The Empty Page. So, we were excited to be back at the North London venue last night for more incredible live music!

The first of the four amazing bands, London trio, Alpha Maid, get the night off to a fantastically frenzied start. With their glitchy beats and whirring electronic soundscape, they create a glorious cacophony propelled by intense, racing beats and the powerful deep resonance of Leisha Thomas’ vocals.

Next up are the second trio of the evening, Long Teeth. Oozing their frantic post-punk anthems filled with a fair dose of wit alongside thrashing riffs and the driving harmonies of Sam Asbury and Jade Ellins, they deliver an energy-fuelled and hugely enjoyable set.

Penultimate band of the night, Bitch Falcon, have travelled all the way from Dublin to be here. Blasting out their gritty, grungey offerings with an incredible, full-throttle energy, the trio (yes, all trios tonight) deliver a relentlessly raucous set filled with riotous riffs, broken strings and the raw ferocity of Lizzie Fitzpatrick’s penetrating vocals. With T-shirts reading ‘Power Pussy’ and ‘A Women Does Not Have To Be Modest To Be Respected’, Bitch Falcon succeed in getting their message across with their incredible, snarling power.

Headlining the night of spectacular music are Trash Kit. Fronted by the sunny charm of Rachel Aggs, the trio treat us to their delectable, danceable indie-pop delights. With each utterly uplifting offering, Rachel bounces across the stage with a whirring energy as vibrant, jangly melodies flow seamlessly alongside thrilling, racing beats. As the whole venue fills with smiling faces and buoyant bodies, it’s the perfect end to what has been a pretty perfect night.

Make sure you catch us next month at The Finsbury for another incredible night of live music! We’ll be back on 9 June with headliners, the mega awesome The Baby Seals. Event info here.

Words: Mari Lane / @marimindles

Photos: Jon Mo / @jonmophoto

Mari Lane

Mari Lane

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