LIVE (PHOTOS): Matt Corby – The Arts Club, Liverpool 08.03.16

Matt Corby; one of, if not the most highly regarded Australian indie folk singer/songwriters of our time. Corby demonstrated his unbelievable talent at The Arts Club with his breathtaking performance; Rolling like a thunderstorm and swaying like an easy ocean breeze, his voice hushed over the audience, husky tones imbued with emotion, giving us a small piece of solace. Corby himself, while a great recording artist, truly shines onstage with his EPs, and the release of new album, Telluric, set to take off creating new soulful sound and ambient melodies. It feels like Corby is finally where he wants to be. This is the sound of Corby finally getting comfortable in his own skin, and it’s remarkably good to hear.

Matt Corby- Sam Rowlands1

Matt Corby- Sam Rowlands2

Matt Corby- Sam Rowlands3

Matt Corby- Sam Rowlands4

Matt Corby- Sam Rowlands5

Matt Corby- Sam Rowlands6

Matt Corby- Sam Rowlands8

Matt Corby- Sam Rowlands11


Words & Images:
Sam Rowlands

Sam Rowlands
Photography with a strong focus on nature and people's interactions; appreciating raw quality of images, natural light and chance happenings.