LIVE (PHOTOS): REWS – The Brewhouse, London 23.02.17

Indomitable duo REWS played a knockout live set at The Brewery in London Fields last week, and our photographer Jon Mo was there to capture the girls in all of their pop-rock action.

Shauna (guitar/keys/lead vocals) and Collette (drums/vocals) have been busy touring across the UK this month, and their London show provided an opportunity for the girls to share more of their infectious pop-rock anthems, and reveal some huge news: REWS have signed a record deal with Marshall Records! This success will come as no surprise to existing fans. The pair have been cutting their teeth in different bands and as session musicians for years before becoming REWS – so the record deal is thoroughly earned, and truly well deserved.

When performing live, Shauna and Collette have an enviable chemistry. They both look like they were born to play their instruments, and their between song banter – which included Irish songstress Shauna calling Collette a “wee shite” – is top notch. The pair smashed their way through singles ‘Miss You In The Dark’, ‘Death Yawn’, ‘Can You Feel It’, and ‘Let It Roll’, as well as a few new tracks, including the spine-tinglingly good ‘Shine’.

Their live energy translates well in to pictures too, so take a look at Jon’s shots below, and follow REWS on Facebook for more updates.


Photo Credit: Jon Mo
Words: Kate Crudgington

Kate Crudgington

Kate Crudgington

Assistant Editor for Gigslutz (2015-2017) Now Co-Founder, Co-Host & Features Editor for @getinherears