LIVE (Photos): Tokyo Taboo Album Launch @ The Crowndale, 24.03.17

To celebrate the release of their powerful, hard-hitting debut album 6th Street Psychosis, vibrant London band Tokyo Taboo are blow us all away with a launch night to remember at The Crowndale, as part of Camden Rocks.

Opening the night are Southend Riot Grrrls Petty Phase. With their punk-fuelled power, the trio deliver their raw, raucous offerings with an infectious passion and corrosive energy.

Next up are the thrashing metal-soaked sounds of Possessor. Propelled by incredible, ferocious beats and thwomping bass lines, they deliver an truly intense and hypnotic set.

Cute Cute Death then blast out their screamo-tinged cacophony, before penultimate band of the night The Lost Highway fill The Crowndale with their impassioned, funk-filled brand of soulful pop-rock.

Finally, band of the night, neon-clad Tokyo Taboo take to the stage; oozing their unique vibrancy and glowing charisma, they immediately draw the crowd in with the riotous energy of their tenacious single ‘Make It Out Alive’.

Blasting out one politically-charged anthem after another, Tokyo Taboo continue their frenzied and fun-filled set with an incredible energy and driving force. Fronted by the interminable passion and vivacious spirit of Dolly Daggerz, who bounces and sparkles alongside thrashing riffs and pummelling beats as she blasts out uptempo offerings such as ‘Bubbilicious’ and ‘Leech’, it’s impossible not to be utterly drawn in by this band’s captivating, empowering command of the stage.

A simply unforgettable night, Tokyo Taboo succeed in wowing each and every one of us with their wonderfully unique, colourful power, and should be incredibly proud of their phenomenal debut.

6th Street Psychosis, the debut album from Tokyo Taboo, is out now on TT Records.

Words: Mari Lane / @marimindles 
Photos: Jon Mo /@jonmophoto

Mari Lane

Mari Lane

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