LIVE (PHOTOS): Tim Muddiman And The Strange – o2 Forum Kentish Town, London 23.10.15

Ohhhh darkness and more dark and less light and lots of darkness. Plus smokey smoke and crunchy guitars and pulsing synths. You get the idea. Tim Muddiman and The Strange may not be doing anything particularly new, inspired as they are by NIN, Gary Numan and Bjork, but their particular brand of slow paced, heavy rocky synth music is done expertly well that it’s is hard not to like them. What their music lacks in dance-able-ness, it makes up for massively in infectious catchiness with Tim’s purposefully melancholy vocals wavering over a prodding melody that has the crowd at the o2 Forum in Kentish Town hooked.

Photographer Robert Gershinson was on hand to capture it all.









Words and Images by

Robert Gershinson


Dan Bull

Dan Bull

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