LIVE: Saint Agnes @ Camden Monarch, 23.01.19

With a DIY and “us versus them” mentality powering Saint Agnes, it was not surprising to see a completely packed out Monarch on January 23, 2019. Most faces in the crowd were long-haired and ready to headbang.

Thankfully, the month of the year hated by many was put to the sword by the deadly Saint Agnes.  With heavy riffs and a nod to the rock of old, this is a band standing apart from the countless others chasing dream pop, glitter or indie-pop. In fact, throw the word pop in the bin where these guys are concerned.

Lead guitarist, Jon, is a wall of energy.  He is the spark that lights the fuse in their performance. Hair hanging over his face he was feeling every word he sung with every fibre in his body. He delivered the set with shivering conviction. 

If Jon is the spark to the fuse, frontwoman Kitty is the explosion at the end of it. Commanding the little space the Monarch has to offer, she elevated this band to the next demonic level.

Climbing on an amp and the adjacent bar, she threw water into the crowd. Don’t buy into her performance at your peril. 

When a voice from the crowd offered her a hand down off the amp, she refused and John said: “offer your help and she will fight you”.

Smashing through a set which included new single ‘Welcome To Silvertown, the name of their upcoming debut album, ‘Diablo Take Me Home’ and ‘Witching Hour’, this was a rampant set. Everyone in the small venue was shaking. So too, were the Monarch speakers, this set was too much to handle. 

This band deserves a bigger space. They deserve your attention.