LIVE: Steve ‘n’ Seagulls – Manchester Sound Control 28.10.15

Steve ‘n’ Seagulls are the latest offering in the realm of musical cover bands, except this band are completely different than anything you have ever heard before. The group have a Finnish origin and a love for classic rock and metal tracks. They play these well known and beloved tracks to an audience, the difference being that their versions are performed as blugrass folk songs. In essence this should not work at all, but live and in person it is truly amazing.

The band rose to fame in early 2014 with their songs becoming very popular on YouTube, they now have over 200,000 fans on Facebook after only being in existence commercially for just one year. With one album, Farm Machine, being released earlier this year the current tour is a means of promoting and showing what this band are all about.

The set list is essentially a track-by-track run through of Farm Machine. This harboured no complaints as it is an excellent album, which features covers of bands such as Guns N Roses, Pantera, Black Sabbath and AC/DCwhich are always going to be popular in a crowd, even if said crowd are not big metal fans. With most of the music videos being shot in the accordion players farm, the intimate environment of The Sound Control in Manchester was ideal for them. Small and friendly, and can easily kick up a sweaty essence that will be reminiscent of the farm, it was just like playing at home for the band. The only absentee from the group was their pet pony, Benjamin.

The main difference, they say, which determines them from their metal predecessors that they cover so beautifully is the party lifestyle.  They have said themselves that they are very content to sit down with a couple of beers and have a laugh after the gig, as opposed to the cocaine and hookers that had made the metal and rock scene so infamous during the 1980’s.

The night itself was incredibly enjoyable. Two years ago that I would never had imagined attending a gig where the band cover metal songs with a folk vibe. But with the likes of Led Zeppelin’s ‘Black Dog’  and Pantera’s ‘Cemetery Gates’ being covered I simply could not turn down the opportunity. The crowd were small and eclectic, but they absolutely loved it. They ranged in ages and cultural backgrounds but were in awe of the band. I have seen cover bands before but this is something special. The loudest reactions and sing a long classics of the night went too Guns N Rose’s ‘Paradise City’ and Metallica’s ‘Seek And Destroy’.

If you have not yet heard or discovered this delightful musical experience I implore you to search out this offering of musical bliss from Scandinavia. You surely will not be disappointed.

Oliver Hope

Oliver Hope
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